About us

We are on a mission to make more people play sports, more often

Yes, that includes you too!

We are building the biggest, most accessible playground in the world!

Imagine walking into a huge playground where you can join a game of your choice, irrespective of your location, time of day, age or skill level. That's what we aim to build - a 2.0 re-incarnation of the friendly, neighbourhood playground.

How will we do it

We are solving for the 3 biggest problems that prevent you from playing.

1. Finding places to play

You can book the best sports venues or join activities around - we will make it as simple as booking a movie ticket.

2. Getting people to play with

You can easily connect with other sports enthusiasts to find a team-mate or opponent of you level. You can also discover Curated coaches/trainers to learn something new or improve your existing skills.

3. Staying motivated to play

For us, each one of you is an amateur sports star. Our platform will help you capture scores, stats, media and even sync data from your wearable device to make sure all your small victories are captured and celebrated.

Our story

We have done our groundwork, quite literally! goSporto is built by the same team behind SportsWave, the biggest recreational sports community of Delhi NCR. That means we are wiser by a 4 year on-ground experience of getting more than 35,000 people play sports, across 5,000+ activities helping us build a product you will love to use.

Our team

We are a bunch of sports geeks, who realised very early on that we were not cut out to play for the Indian team. That didn't affect our passion though, with most of our conscious hours spent in either watching, talking about or playing sports. Now we are doing the next best thing: creating the biggest and most engaging community of sports enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Vivek Kumar

  • Nikhil Jha

  • Sumit Pokhriyal